Climate Control
Comfort, Energy-saving, Eco-Friendly
Climate control products developed by Desay SV are widely used by OEM customers. The optimized comfort control algorithm can automatically adjust temperature, air distribution,blower level and ventilation to provide comfortable environment in the car. In addition, the self-developed body control module (BCM) integrates widely used functions as well as expandable architecture to develop tailor-made Body Control Module (BCM) for different customers. Our pulse-count motor-control system, BCM and other innova-tive technologies have made Desay SV the first choice of global vehicle manufacturers.
Strict 200,000 kilometer
road test
From down south to far north to
perform severity test
  • Stability

    EMC design capatible with international standard

    From low temperature of -40° to high temperature of 90° environmental durability test

    More than 60GB road test data to validate automatic algorithm

  • Manufacturing Processes

    Use of automatic assembly and test equipment for E-Ring

    Parallel testing technology during production

    Application of ping-pong structure optical detection equipment

  • Style

    Perfect integrated interface design

    Excellent KANZI design tool application