Driver Assistance Systems
Comprehensive Warning Protection
Desay SV’s self-developed DAS (Driver Assistance System) utilizes high definition camera and advanced image algorithm to expand driver’s eyesight and reduce traffic accident. High definition camera, with 720P resolution, brings clear picture outside vehicles to driver in the car. When parking your car, surround view system shows every detail around on high resolution display. While the vehicle is in motion, lane departure warning, blind spot detection and forward collision warning features protect driver with simultaneous alarm.
360-degree protection The combination of various advanced
intelligent warning and protection
  • 360°full range protection

    Surround view system

    Front monitoring system

    Rear view monitoring system

    Side view monitoring system

    Interior monitoring system

  • International professional technical team

    Our team strives to improve the safety and comfort for drivers by providing intelligent driving and protect life from accidents

  • Automotive camera production line

    Dust-free plant

    Automated assembly techniques

    Advanced aging and waterproof testing device

    Industry leading optical axis adjustment technology