Power of 300,000 Steps Charity Walk for 30th Anniversary of Desay SV Automotive

Sat. May. 07 2016

Chen Kun initiated a project called The Power of Walk. As a charity project, it has, since its initiation, attracted numerous celebrities, calling on people to convey positive life attitude and philosophy through the walk

On May 7, Red Flower Lake in Huizhou also saw such a gathering of people, who walked for 300,000 steps to express and share their love step by step. 

It was the charity walk marking the 30th anniversary of Desay SV – a story about care and love for “children left behind”. 



The event was kicked off by a top anchorperson of Radio Sunshine 100, Huizhou. 



Desay SV CEO Mr. Gao delivering a speech



Warm-up exercise before the walk



The charity walk for the 30th Anniversary of Desay SV Automotive



The Power of Walk, embarking on the journey of love 


A prominent participant in her sixties completed 18km in one hour, 26 minutes, and 49 seconds!  



In the final stage, every step represented an effort of care and love



Desay SV’s thumb-ups to every participant for their efforts.