Desay SV’s Care and Love for the Street Cleaners Activity in Beijing

Tue. Feb. 28 2017

On the early morning of February 25th 2017, there were not that much pedestrians and vehicles on Dongzhimen Street, Dongcheng District in Beijing. It was 3 degree Celsius. And the street cleaners had worked for 4 hours and finished the streets cleaning. As they were cleaning the roadside trash cans, Desay SV’s Care and Love for the Cleaners Activity has begun. Our volunteers were consisted of university students, white collars, sales representatives in Beijing, and Desay SV employees. At 6 am, the volunteers counted the prepared materials and divided into several teams to different streets sending our Love Bags. There were a scarf, vacuum cup, a pair of gloves, and other needs in one bag.


The smile of the street cleaner


Our volunteers were sending the Love Bags


The Love Bags and vacuum cups for the street cleaners


We are the massagers of benevolence


The touch in her eyes


The red cheeks of the street cleaner


The street cleaner hurt his finger at work

To call on more citizens to get involved in this activity, the volunteers initiated a charitable declaration and invited the pedestrians to participate in recording a video on this declaration. There were a lot of them positively involved in and made their declarations, such as “Package the keen-edged well before throwing”, “Slow down if you see street cleaners while driving”, “Do not spit the chewing gum everywhere,” and so on. The participators wished to spread their cares and loves to the street cleaners through the camera. Meanwhile, they advocated that everyone should establish environmental awareness and reduce the cleaning work for the street cleaners.


A volunteer and a pedestrian were doing the declaration video recording

The street cleaner is a special career. They clean the cities by their hands, making our living environment a better place. Even though they are called “Road Angels” and other beautiful names, and they are in orange everywhere in the city, they are often forgotten and ignored by the public. In last four years, Desay SV’s Care and Love for the Street Cleaners Activity has been held in Huizhou, Wuhan, Baoding, Haikou, Changchun, Beijing, and etc. Not only the street cleaners felt happy and touched, but also more people and enterprises have paid attention to them, and potentially raised environmental friendly awareness.