Starting a Journey of Love: the Fourth Charity Walkathon for Students Held

Sat. May. 18 2019

On May 18, Desay SV’s Fourth Charity Walkathon for Students was successfully held. Contestants gathered at Red-flower Lake in Huizhou City and used their footsteps as a way to express concern about children in remote areas in China and offer assistance. 

During the morning, the contestants arrived early to the site of the event. The host gave an introduction about the charity walkathon and a few precautions. This simple and cheerful opening enlivened the atmosphere of the event.


Chairman TAN Choon Lim’s Speech

At the scene, Chairman TAN Choon Lim addressed that while Desay SV’s charity walkathon would build physical strength through exercise, it would also serve as a healthy, meaningful way to raise  funds and social attention for this special group of children in need. Its aim, after all, was to inspire in children a yearning for a beautiful life and a bright future. Since the first charity event was held in 2016, subsequent events have gradually been enriched and grown to scale on a yearly basis, attracting wide attention from the media, charity organizations and compassionate individuals.



Contestants Warm Up and Begin Walkathon

This year’s race track was tons of fun— an obstacle course with a pool of tires, an “electrified” net, an inflatable tunnel to cross and a man-made obstacle to climb over. Each contestant had to summon up their courage to face the challenges ahead, try their best both mentally and physically to finish. 


A DIY painting area was set up on site where contestants could customize their own makeup designs.


A creative photo-taking zone was set up for contestants to create memories of this “journey of love.” 

In addition, a book donation area was set up. One after another, the public donated books to contribute what they could to children to make a difference.

Desay SV’s branches in Chengdu, Shanghai and Nanjing, among others, actively participated in this charity event, helping these children in need in their studies and growth. And as contestants successively completed the race, Desay SV’s Fourth Charity Walkathon came to an official end.