Gathering the Power of Love, Desay SV Held the 2nd Public Welfare Event to Help Impoverished Students
​On the morning of May 6, the 2nd “Intelligent Future·Let’s Go ” public welfare event to help the impoverished students was held at Red Flower Lake, Huizhou. Hundreds of caring people gathered at the Red Flower Lake to challenge the 18km journey and raise student welfare funds for children with charity walk.
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Desay SV’s Care and Love for the Street Cleaners Activity in Beijing
On the early morning of February 25th 2017, there were not that much pedestrians and vehicles on Dongzhimen Street, Dongcheng District in Beijing. It was 3 degree Celsius. And the street cleaners had worked for 4 hours and finished the streets cleaning. As they were cleaning the roadside trash cans, Desay SV’s Care and Love for the Cleaners Activity has begun.
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The Power of Walk, Embarking on the Journey of Love
Power of 300,000 Steps
Charity Walk for 30th Anniversary of Desay SV Automotive
Chen Kun initiated a project called The Power of Walk.
As a charity project, it has, since its initiation, attracted numerous celebrities,
calling on people to convey positive life attitude and philosophy through the walk.
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Care Project
  • Care and Love Seen in Action Desay SV in Action

    Desay SV never stops its Care and Love for Cleaner Program. After the conclusion of its Nanjing stop on August 27, the company carried on this program as of September 10 when 20 volunteers from the company arrived at Lilin, Zhongkai, Huizhou to show their care and love for the respectable Cleaner.

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  • Driving the Future : Desay SV Automotive and Cleaner Hand-in-Hand

    On August 27, Desay SV kicked off its “Care for City Cleaner” charity event with the theme of “Driving the Future” in Xuanwu District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. The company’s charity team presented about 1000 local cleaning workers with gifts, and they invited the cleaning workers to join them in producing a video by themselves for a statement for the promotion of Care and Love for Yellow Roses Program in a bid to practice their advocacy for care and love.

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