Driving the Future: Desay SV Welcoming Its 30th Anniversary and Embarking on a New Journey

Fri. Nov. 18 2016

On November 18, more than 400 VIPs from government, Desay Industrial, FAW-Volkswagen, Mazda, SAIC Volkswagen, Chehejia, Qualcomm, TI, China Automotive News, and so on gathered at Desay SV, sharing the happiness of the company’s 30th anniversary with its 4,500 employees. 

Mr. Tan Choon Lim, chairman of Desay SV, delivered the opening speech. 

Mr. Tan Choon Lim gave a speech at the opening ceremony, in which he talked about the 30 years of history of the company in retrospect: “It has been a history from 1986 when we processed raw materials, through the Sino-German joint venture period in 1998, to 2010 when we completed our acquisition of  all the equity share of the foreign partner.. Over the past six years of independent development, the company has been innovative in its R&D and introduced new technology, attracting domestic and overseas customers with solid technology and products. Its sales revenue are expected to exceed RMB5 billion RMB in 2016.” 


At the same time, he expressed his sincere appreciation of the VIPs on behalf of the company for their generous support, which helped it to achieve its success. This opening speech was followed by speeches by Mr. Jiang Jie, president of Desay Industrial, and Mr. Hu Jianbin, vice mayor of Huihzhou.



8 Major Exhibition Areas, 5 Exhibition Vehicles, and 90 Products on Display 

Demonstrative effect of binocular camera


Smart Driving & Connectivity Technologies Forum  

Gao Dapeng, CEO of Desay SV, gave his speech Embarking on a Journey of Growth with Perseverance and Craftsmanship. 

Onsite roundtable discussion at Smart Driving & Connectivity Technologies Forum


Conclusion: The 30 years’ history of Desay SV has been one from globalized localization to localized globalization; it witnessed a whole young generation striving for excellence and success. For the company, 2016 has been a important milestone for the past 30 years and also a starting point for greater achievements in the future.