Brand history
  • 2010's
  • 1992's
  • 1986's
2010 From standard to industry benchmark, it is a glorious process for Desay SV

March 23, 2010,Desay Industry announced its successful purchase of external shares and incorporated DESAY SV AUTOMOTIVE, the wholly-owned holding company that has integrated the accomplishments of Desay industry and inherited the technological products of SIEMENS VDO.

Then, Desay SV puts forward SVAUTO products for the automotive aftermarket businesses. The “SV” in brand SVAUTO stands for double meanings of SIEMENS VDO (precursor of Desay SV) and SupplyingValue (providing values for clients), and “AUTO” conveys Desay SV’s 20-year experience and power in the automotive factory-installed products, devotion in automotive electronic field, and designing and manufacturing high-end special-level and standard-level automotive electronics; as has been illustrating the strength of leading domestic automotive electronic enterprise and bring beyond-expectation pleasant feelings for consumers. 


The future is right behind. With quality being the foundation stone, Desay SV has been striving for a better future.

1992 Development, Advancement with Hardship


Desay SV has set up product R&D Department for the domestic market, based on which it has obtained market shares for automotive stereo installation and aftermarket. 


With German Mannesmann VDO entered into Zhong Ou Electronic, German quality and its practicality has been learned and applied. In doing so, cooperation between Zhong Ou and many other domestic automotive manufacturers has been strengthened.


Along with European Union’s approval on SIEMENS’s purchasing Mannesmann VDO and incorporating SIEMENS VDO Automotive Electronics Company, Sino-European Electronic Industry has officially changed its name into SIEMENS VDO Automotive Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd., with Desay Industry and SIEMENS VDO Automotive Electronics holding 30% and 70% of company shares respectively. Meanwhile, SIEMENS VDO has replaced the Phillips trademark and become a notable brand among consumers.


1986 A new established company was born to shine as stars

As the result of the great collision of Netherlands Philips, Hong Kong Gold Peak and Desay, Car Audio Electronic Co., Ltd. (CAE) has been established, which was the precursor of Desay SV.