Company history
  • Independence(from 2010-future)
  • Rapid Development(2001-2009)
  • Growth Period(1990-2000)
  • Starting Up(1986-1989)
  • 2016 Nov.

    Desay SV Automotive hosted the 30th anniversary and the second technology festival

  • 2015 Jun.

    Desay SV Automotive changed name into “Huizhou Desay SV Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.”

  • 2015 Apr.

    Desay SV Automotive Released first package of mascot s for automotive electronics industry

  • 2015 Jan.

    Desay SV Automotive applied a new Visual Identity system

  • 2013 May

    Desay SV Automotive Japan Co.,Ltd was set up

  • 2012 Nov.

    Desay SV Automotive R&D Building was opened

  • 2012 Sep.

    Desay SV Automotive’s Advanced Development • Nanjing was set up

  • 2012 Apr.

    Desay SV Automotive Europe GmbH was set up

  • 2012 Feb.

    The first overseas company, Desay SV Automotive Singapore Pte. Ltd was set up

  • 2010 Jan.

    Desay Industry successfully acquired the remaining 70% shares from the foreign partner and the company was renamed as Huizhou Desay SV Automotive Co., Ltd.

  • 2005 Nov.

    The company relocated to Zhongkai National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone

  • 2004 Nov.

    Desay Siemens VDO Industrial Park was built with a total area of 100,000 ㎡

  • 2002 Jan.

    Car Audio Electronics Co., Ltd. (CAE) was renamed as Siemens VDO Automotive (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.

  • 2001 Jan.

    Siemens VDO Automotive AG was founded

  • 1999 Nov.

    Production facilities in Singapore and Hungary were closed and transferred to CAE

  • 1999 Sep.

    Mannesmann VDO acquired remaining shares of HK Gold Peak Industries Group, making CAE a two-party joint

  • 1998 Jan.

    Mannesmann VDO acquired Philips Car Systems

  • 1996 Jan.

    Developed premium car audio platform together with Singapore R&D team

  • 1993 Jan.

    One of the automotive electronic enterprises firstly obtained ISO9001 certificate in China

  • 1992 Jan.

    Local Product Design & Development Department was established

  • 1989 Jan.

    CAE was nominated as car audio supplier for FAW

  • 1986 Jan.

    Car Audio Electronics Co., Ltd. (CAE) was founded