On the Way to Industry 4.0: Desay SV Launched PLM Project

Fri. Apr. 01 2016


Huizhou Desay SV Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. (Desay SV), the leading company in China specializing in providing world-class automotive electronics products, has chosen Siemens as its strategic partner for product lifecycle management (PLM) software. Desay SV cited the unique ability of Siemens’ comprehensive software offerings to unify all aspects of product development as an important criteria in its decision. The partnership is also a critical step in the company’s preparations for the so called fourth industrial revolution, commonly known as Industrie 4.0. By adopting Siemens’ full set of PLM software solution for the automotive industry to develop its holistic automotive electronics products, Desay SV expects to increase product quality, reduce time-to-market, decrease costs and enhance its competitive edge. The two parties will also cooperate to explore the future of digital manufacturing.

Siemens is one of the pioneers of the Industrie 4.0 vision and strategy,” said Tan Choon Lim, Chairman of Desay SV. “They boast extensive experience and advanced technologies in digital and intelligent manufacturing that will enable us to implement a unified solution for project management, 3D modeling, collaboration, quality and manufacturing. Their team understands our business – where we are today and where we need to be – and they can meet our product development needs. With this partnership, we plan to gradually move ahead towards our goal of transforming into a digital enterprise and fully embrAs a leading global provider of PLM and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software, systems and services, Siemens offers a Digital Enterprise Software Suite that serves as the foundation for building a digital enterprise. This suite goes beyond Industrie 4.0 requirements by creating a “digital twin” that accurately and virtually models the physical and performance characteristics of a product through the entire innovation process, from ideation to realization to utilization.

After intensive research and careful consideration, Desay SV recognized that Siemens is the essential technology enabler of the Industrie 4.0 roadmap. The company noted that the solutions provided by Siemens will greatly improve Desay SV’s efficiency and quality of products, reduce time-to-market and realize cost savings from its manufacturing processes.

Siemens’ prior experiences and expertise in the manufacturing and automotive industries also reaffirmed Desay SV’s decision to enter this partnership. Siemens continues to commit and provide solutions based on customers’ industrial needs. For automotive electronic suppliers, Siemens offers solutions and technologies to enable model-driven innovation, helping customers to overcome challenges and meet the demands of this fast-changing market.

Based in Huizhou city in China, Desay SV opened R&D and branch offices in Nanjing, Shenzhen, Singapore, Europe and Japan. It is the supplier for over 60 automotive manufacturers in the global market and has been honored as the best supplier for its strong R&D and excellent quality of service for many years.

“Automotive electronics suppliers are encouraged to optimize and reorganize their processes and systems, as they face an exploding market and its rapidly-changing requirements,” said Leo Liang, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Greater China at Siemens PLM Software. “We are honored to partner with Desay SV to overcome the increasing challenges of business complexity together, and achieve the revolutionary goal of digital manufacturing and Industrie 4.0. Through close collaboration, we will establish a benchmark of digital manufacturing in the automotive electronics industry.”

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