Desay SV Joined Baidu’s Apollo Ecology

Fri. Jul. 07 2017

On July 5, Baidu’s AI Developers Conference (Baidu Create 2017) was held in Beijing, during which Baidu Group’s President and Chief Operating Officer LU Qi announced the startup of Apollo ecology. Desay SV became one of the earliest Apollo members.




Apollo’s eco-partner system is comprehensive, and in the first batch of more than 50 members, in addition to Tier 1 manufacturers like Desay SV and Bosch, there are also 15 auto enterprises including Chery, FAW, GWM, CCAG, CHJ and NextEv, 5 top universities including Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiaotong University, and 6 government departments and institutions in Wuhu, Baoding and Yizhuang, Beijing.

LU Qi said at the conference: “The Apollo declaration is to open abilities, share resources, speed up innovation and maintain win-win situation. Apollo will be gradually opened at four levels: cloud service platform, software platform, reference hardware platform and reference vehicle platform.”

Desay SV Vice General Manager DUAN Yongzheng attended this conference and said: “Baidu has a profound reserve of technologies, data and resources, and Baidu’s accumulation and ability of open intelligent driving technologies are beneficial for the industry. Desay SV is good at integrating and manufacturing electronic auto hardware and software. The strategic cooperation between the two sides can further accelerate the progress of intelligent driving production and bring high-quality, flexible and secure intelligent driving solutions for auto manufacturers.”


Demonstration of BCU-MLOC product co-developed by Desay SV and Baidu at Baidu’s AI Developers Conference

In June, Desay SV signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Baidu during the CES Asian 2017 for joint development in the fields of high-precision map, self-positioning, automotive environmental awareness and decision-making involved in intelligent driving. At this Baidu AI Developers Conference, three co-developed products BCU-MLOC, BCU-MLOP and BCU-MLOP2 – were demonstrated.