First Desay SV Automotive TechDay at Audi

Mon. Dec. 04 2017

On November 20th 2017 Desay SV Automotive’s first TechDay at Audi in Ingolstadt took place. Desay SV Automotive was represented by participants from Huizhou Desay SV Automotive and Desay SV Automotive Europe GmbH. 

The agenda started with a consolidated company introduction including an extensive overview about the current product portfolio. Thereafter a detailed exhibit tour followed showing and explaining the latest products and technologies. The Audi attendees showed particular interest in Displays, Climate Control and Antenna products. 

Due to the profound discussions with Audi representatives from engineering and purchasing the event was a worthwhile investment for Desay SV Automotive. Especially for the Display business unit the TechDay was quite successful as Desay SV will be now considered as bidder for future inquiries, having received the first RFQ one day after the event was held.