Desay SV was awarded the National Green Factory

Fri. Mar. 02 2018

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced the second batch of green manufacturing enterprise list.  Huizhou Desay SV Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. was rated "Green Factory", as a green manufacturing benchmarking enterprise in Guangdong province.   




Green Manufacturing Engineering is one of the five major projects of "China Manufacturing 2025", aiming at carrying out green manufacturing engineering, speeding up the construction of green manufacturing system, and giving play to the leading role of green manufacturing model.


Desay SV’s EHS policy is to "Environment, Compliance to laws and regulations, EHS performance improvement, and people-orientation". The company has established an environmental management system according to ISO14001 standards to ensure compliance with environmental management system and applicable laws and regulations, to enhance the company's environmental requirements. We adhere to the design and development of products or services to reduce resources and energy consumption, improve product recycling utilization. In the production process, we continue to reduce water, electricity and other energy consumption, reduce carbon dioxide and all kinds of waste emissions. At the same time, to train employees to raise their awareness of environmental protection, through continuous improvement activities, continuously improve the level of environmental system management, and continuously improve environmental performance. System is continuously improved, as well as the environmental performance.




Desay SV is accelerating the construction of green manufacturing system.

Entering into the Desay SV manufacturing base, the workshop's intelligent production equipment and computer-assisted systems are used in depth. The product has realized the production information management, and the Desay SV is ensured at the forefront of the industry by increasing the investment in innovation and transformation of manufacturing automation and informationization every year. Desay SV is accelerating the construction of a green manufacturing system, achieving intensive land use, harmless raw materials, clean production, recycling of waste, and low carbon energy consumption.

Ling Jianhui, general manager of Desay SV Manufacturing Center, said: "For Desay SV, sustainable development means to continuously improve the environmental protection, health and safety of employees' workplaces while ensuring the company's long-term goals, also to develop more ecofriendly products and make mobile travel safer, cleaner and more economical."