To build an intelligent driving industrial base --- the Groundbreaking Ceremony was held in Desay SV ICV Base Huinan Industrial District

Thu. Nov. 29 2018

On November 28, Desay SV held the groundbreaking ceremony for integration and industrialization of automotive electronics mobile connectivity technology project, automotive electronics intelligent connected technology R&D center construction project and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Base in Huinan Industrial District, Huizhou City. The company’s top management members, led by Chairman Mr. TAN Choon Lim, CEO and also the Project Director of Huinan Industrial Park, Mr. Gao Dapeng, and SVP Mr. Duan Yongzheng attended and witnessed the historic moment together with honored government officials and guests represented by Mr. Zhen Lingling, Deputy Secretary of the Huinan Science and Technology Park Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Commission. 


The company's top management laid the foundation for the Huinan Industrial Park. 

It is reported that the Huinan Industrial Park is designated as the comprehensive industrial park fitting the latest concept and will be completed in two phases. The Park will be covering a total site area of 220,000㎡ and gross floor area of 500,000 ㎡including the ICV R&D Center, national laboratory and test center, national intelligent driving test site, industrial 4.0 benchmark factory and the fully automatic warehouse. 

Innovation, driving the future

CEO Mr. Gao Dapeng introduced the construction scale of Huinan Industrial Park and described the future blueprint of Desay SV to the guests in the opening address. “The Huinan Industrial Park will mainly focus on the R&D and manufacturing related to intelligent cabin, autonomous driving and Internet of Vehicles (IOV) technologies, which will be enabled by about 4,000 high-end R&D experts and talents. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2020, and once completed, its production capacity will be doubled than that of the current capacity, bringing substantial increase in production efficiency”, said Mr Gao. And he also expressed his best wishes to the smooth completion of the project.

Foundation, forging ahead

With the salute ceremony, Chairman Mr. TAN Choon Lim announced that the Huinan Industrial Park of Desay SV ICV Base was officially started. As said in his speech, “The Huinan Industrial Park will serve as the supporting pillar for the strategic development of the company and playing an important role leading the company in the pursuit of future objectives. The high-tech ICV R&D center and highly automated and international-level digital factory will provide more opportunities for Desay SV to be a more competitive and trust-worthy industry player in the international stage, and to provide customers with innovative and intelligent automotive electronic products and services. ”

The official ground-breaking of Desay SV ICV Base Huinan Industrial Park  marked an important milestone and a step forward in becoming the preferred partners in global automotive industry, which will further accelerate the company’s development of  quality competence, establishing a benchmark image of the national enterprise with international competitiveness and recognition.