Desay SV Automotive Successfully Passed ASPICE CL2 Certification

Sun. Jan. 19 2020

Recently, Desay SV Automotive's software development project has successfully passed ASPICE CL2 certification (Automotive Software Performance Improvement and Capability Determination Containment Level 2), marking its software development capability in the automotive industry being in line with international standards and reaching the international advanced level.

ASPICE Project Team Members and Evaluation Experts

ASPICE is jointly developed by major European automobile manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen, etc. It is a software process evaluation and improvement model for the automotive industry, and is widely applied in the European automotive industry to improve research and development processes and to evaluate the research and development capabilities of suppliers. The outstanding experience of ASPICE’s comprehensive international automotive industry in software development management is increasingly becoming the evaluation admittance requirement of the automotive industry for software vendors, as well as having an internationally recognized authority.

In recent years, with the sharp increase in the proportion of software in automotive research and development, the demand for software quality management from automotive manufacturers and enterprises has continued to increase, and ASPICE has gradually been promoted and implemented in the domestic automotive industry. According to the company’s ASPICE project leader, ASPICE is considered to be process-oriented, repeatable and visual. It does not rely on the development and personal knowledge and capabilities. It pursues the accumulation of knowledge and capabilities for the organization while promoting the development of the organization and the implementation of the project. It can effectively ensure that the demands of customers are implemented correctly and completely, while guarantee the stability of product quality to a higher level, which will greatly promote the quality and efficiency of the company’s products.

ASPICE Project Summary Meeting

The ASPICE CL2 certification which Desay SV Automotive has passed this time covers the "automotive embedded software project", which is mainly used to support the intelligent cabin of automobiles. Desay SV Automotive has always attached great importance to the improvement of product development capabilities and product development maturity. It has passed CMMI L3 certification as early as 2011, and has continued to deepen its process improvement. A series of specifications have been formed in the company's work including project management, demand management, as well as development and design. These specifications have also been piloted in many projects to establish a set of process management system which is in accordance with international standards.