Desay SV Awarded Silver Rating for EcoVadis Sustainable Development

Tue. Aug. 18 2020

Following its recent EcoVadis audit and certification, Desay SV was awarded a silver rating for its global corporate social responsibility (CSR), ranking higher than 90% of participating global peer enterprises.


Taking a silver medal this time signifies that Desay SV has obtained a “Social Responsibility Management Pass” of global scope. It also indicates high recognition of Desay SV’s various sustainable development activities and its corporate social responsibility-related policies. Finally, it reflects Desay SV’s outstanding performance in undertaking social responsibility.

EcoVadis centers on four dimensions: environment, sustainable sourcing, labor and human rights, and business ethics. It measures the quality of a company’s corporate social responsibility management through assessment of its policy, activity, and results. At present, EcoVadis is one of the most recognized CSR scoring systems worldwide.