Desay SV Releases Smart Solution 2.0

Wed. Apr. 19 2023

As one of the leading mobility technology companies, Desay SV’s advanced products and Smart Solution 2.0 debuted at Auto Shanghai 2023 on April 18th with the theme of “Together for Infinity”.




From Smart Solution 1.0 to 2.0, Desay SV has made a tremendous stride in both the technology integration and the user experience. This transformation was realized from separated vehicle intelligent applications to the integrated solutions, along with possible road-and-cloud collaboration scenarios. Moreover, Desay SV is bringing disruptive innovation to traditional travel modes and is prepared to deploy them as the mobility landscape continues to evolve.


Technology upgrade: AI database connecting Smart Cabin, Smart Drive, and Connected Services


Desay SV’s Smart Solution 2.0 adds three new scenarios of parent-child interaction, smart health, and gaming modes to the existing portfolio. Based upon digitization and AI, it is the integration of the existing Smart Cabin, Smart Drive, and Connected Services groups. Also, it has the ability to carry out high-performance computing, utilize artificial intelligence engines, compute multi-sensor processing, and transmute multiple network protocols. Furthermore, it integrates the modular advantages of software and hardware design, cross-border intelligent services, and personalization, while being environmentally conscious.




The application of AI algorithms and context can be customized according to user preferences, creating a unique and personalized travel experience for each driver or passenger. At the same time, the cross-border smart service of the Smart Solution 2.0 effectively connects a range of different services, truly integrating connected vehicles and the internet of things.


Smart Solution 2.0 achieves an improvement in the standardization between the interfaces, hardware-software and software-services, through modular software and hardware design. It effectively improves system maintainability, scalability, reliability, along with stability. Desay SV’s central computing platform, “ICP Aurora” reduces the weight of the vehicle as well as the wiring harness length. This reduces the total vehicle carbon creation.


Product Upgrade: Smart Mobility Solutions Integrated in a Full Vehicle Demo


Smart Solution 1.0 focused on vehicles intelligence and incorporating the basic functions of Smart Cabin, Smart Drive, and Connected Services. With the introduction of the Smart Solution 2.0, the fully integrated vehicle demonstration is showcased, including everything from the hardware and software, providing users with a more complete user experience for vehicle-and-road collaboration and autonomous driving.




Smart Solution 2.0 is an efficient integration of Desay SV's cutting-edge product portfolio of technologies, including: ICP Aurora, holographic display technology, Blue Whale ecosystem, Desay SV voice recognition, curved two-in-one displays, AR-HUD technology solutions, Camera Monitor System, in-cabin gaming systems, etc. Utilizing a quick learning curve approach from multiple early iterations, these products and technologies will be available and reliable for real vehicle applications in the near future.


Experience upgrade: The Eight Mobility Scenarios


For OEMs, other industrial players, and the users, Smart Solution 2.0 can provide profound insights into the pain points, challenges, and problems for future travel scenarios, which can be summarized as: low-carbon and green, smart driving,  gaming modes, parent-child interaction, safe traveling, smooth and efficient driving, sound immersion, and smart health.




At this year’s auto show, Desay SV presents a third space in mobility based on Smart Solution 2.0, in which parent-child interaction, smart health, and gaming modes attracted the interest of many visitors. Smart Solution 2.0 further upgrades the in-cabin entertainment experience, creating a system with an all-round experience of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and feeling. It allows drivers and passengers to quickly recharge their body and mind, regaining some of their personal time. In parent-child mode, the system can identify emotional changes in children in the back row, which can then automatically activate the entertainment function. Children can learn piano, painting, etc. on smart surfaces designed to look and feel like natural surfaces when the screen is off.  Parents are able to also interact with their children from the front row screens. Low-carbon and green are also important concepts for Smart Solution 2.0. In the smart-health mode, Smart Air, a health care assistant, integrates a variety of sensors in the car which can intelligently switch on the climate control or open the windows by monitoring the cabin environment in real time.




Desay SV’s goal is to be closer to the users. Smart Solution is not just a concept. It represents Desay SV's continuous pursuit of mobility technology and will continue to evolve under the brand value of "Beyond Mobility". Desay SV will continue to create safer, more comfortable, and efficient mobility product and services for users.