Your goals get you started, but your passion keeps you going
Siegfred Balon

Your role in Desay SV.
My name is Siegfred Balon. I am part of the group doing research and development (R&D) of radar technologies for automotive and intelligent transport systems. 

What would you like to do during your rest time/hobby.
In my free time, I do weight training and other sports-related activities. I also find time to explore other hobbies like learning to play instruments and do some artwork.

Your experience in your current role.
As my role in Desay is my first R&D job after the graduate school, transitioning from the academic to the industrial setting was difficult at first. However, my colleagues have always been helpful to make sure that the adjustment to the new environment is as smooth and fast as possible. 

Since the application of radar technology in automotive industry is quite new, there are so many things yet to be explored. This makes the current role very challenging yet exciting. Furthermore, there was never a dull moment in working at Desay as I was surrounded by very competent and supportive team members. Every moment is stimulating and full of opportunities to innovate and stay engaged.

What is your career aspirations.
As a researcher, it is always my passion to generate new knowledge and discover the unimaginable. I aspire to help Desay in pioneering new frontiers in automotive radar technology.