Desay SV Received Toyota Regional Contribution Award

Sat. Mar. 23 2024

Huizhou, China, March 23, 2024. Desay SV was one of five suppliers to receive the 2023 Regional Contribution Award, one of Toyota's highest honors. On 22nd March, Toyota Purchasing Group visited Desay SV's headquarters in China to honor Desay SV with the award. Desay SV was also awarded the "Original Price Excellence Award" and "Quality Progress Award" at the GAC Toyota Supplier Conference held on 21st March. These honors are a crucial symbol of the strong partnership between the two parties.




During the award ceremony, Takami Kato, Deputy Chief Officer of Toyota Purchasing Group, expressed his gratitude towards Desay SV for its excellent work during the cooperation process. He also appreciated their unremitting commitment to ensure the successful delivery of the project within a short period. Takami Kato highlighted Desay SV's exceptional Quality, Cost, Delivery, and DevelopmentQCDDperformance, which greatly contributed to GAC Toyota's No.1 competitiveness.


Dapeng Gao, President and CEO of Desay SV said that since the start of the collaboration between Desay SV and Toyota in 2019, we had built a strong relationship based on trust. Our teams have already worked together on seven platform projects, with products equipped in all Toyota models. Desay SV is committed to delivering efficient services and adaptable products driven by deep insights into user needs and market trends, adaptive development, and robust localization support.


In 2023, Toyota's total global sales exceeded 10 million units again, ranking first worldwide for four consecutive years. To embrace the growth opportunities in China's automotive market, Toyota has accelerated its technology iteration and new product development while also setting higher requirements for its supply chain partners in terms of delivery cycle and delivery quality. Based on its adaptive R&D and innovation capability and leading intelligent manufacturing strength, Desay SV helps Toyota press the "speed button" for cabin Intelligentialization.


Yong Yang, the Executive Vice President at Desay SV, has stated that Toyota is one of the primary leaders in the global automotive industry, renowned for its premium product quality, advanced technology, and outstanding management capabilities. Desay SV is excited to support Toyota in achieving even more success in the future.




In early 2024, Desay SV inaugurated its 11th global R&D center in Yokohama, Japan, further strengthening its local service capability for customers, including Toyota. With its focus on technology leadership, adaptability, efficiency, safety, and reliability, Desay SV is committed to building strong partnerships with global automotive players, empowering the industry's transformation, and becoming the preferred partner.