Chinese-western-integrated historical profundity
The former Car Audio Electronics Co., Ltd. (CAE) ---a manufacturer specialized in automotive audio system, and is a joint-venture by Philips, Kingsoft and DESAY Group. The international starting has accumulated advanced experiences for DESAY SV in manufacturing and R&D.
Industry-leading market status
DESAY SV focuses on automotive electronics field, takes the lead in the industry in embracing the tide of intelligent networking. Currently, the company has occupied above 10% shares of the automotive front devices market, and its multi-media navigation products are always ranking at the top in China for market shares of medium and top grade original automotive front devices, and it has become a pioneer of automotive electronics industry in China and a leader of automotive front device market.
DESAY SV attaches great importance on the international layout, and has established timely and reliable international client service capacities by means of its planning and layout in Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Mexico, America and India, for providing efficient and professional globalized service network.
Continuously pioneering development technology
Maintaining a cutting-edge technology is a core element for DESAY SV's stable development. DESAY SV is continuously deepening the optimization of R&D system framework. Maintaining a R&D investment far above average level of the industry, with R&D branches established in Singapore, Europe, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Shenzhen in China, and actively recruiting leading R&D elites of the industry, with leading and pioneering technical innovation and integration capacities in the entire industry.
DESAY SV is performing technical cooperation with an open and incorporating attitude, and is maintaining long-term close cooperation with NVIDIA, NXP, Renesas, Texas Instruments and Infineon, etc. It takes the lead in launching and producing the first automatic driving domain controller in the world based on NVIDIA Xavier: IPU03 domain controller; it cooperates with Momenta and so on in the field of intelligent driving; it maintains industry-university-research services with Singapore Nanyang Technological University, Sun Yat-Sen University and South China University of Technology, and so on.
Global top resource horizon
DESAY SV is continuously practising the "local internationalization" strategy, with international-oriented horizon, technology and equipment, and the talents could timely get in touch with top level environments of the industry.
Strong and powerful career potentials
Continuously accelerated by the intelligent connected auto electronic products are in an accelerated development, and DESAY SV has huge development spaces, and the talents will possess top-ranking career development opportunities and rooms for growth.
DESAY SV is willing to authorize the employees with enough margins for full exertion of their capacities. Now it's in a period with accelerated development, and the platform will offer energetic growth and sufficient returns to those talents brave in facing up challenges, and fighting.
Comprehensive cultivation system
DESAY SV enjoys high reputation and influence in the industry, and it has created a set of perfect talent cultivation mechanism. The company has established DESAY SV Learning and Development Center to boost talent growth, and to cultivate all-round talents in leadership, R&D, quality, project management and specialty, etc. Meanwhile, it's undertaking relevant business talent cultivation projects in the form of Project Responsibility System.
Resilience-Included team atmosphere
The craftsman culture making perfection more perfect for everything has been established within the company, and never giving up pursuit on any details is fully reflected in daily life and work from both employees and management level. At DESAY SV, everyone is focusing their mind and efforts on work, to continuously improve their work, enhance efficiency and achieve the ultimate.
With huge market margins
Among the largest countries for automotive manufacturing and consumption, driven by multi-factors like policy, technology, demands and capital, and so on. The automotive electronics industry enjoys a prospective future.
Creative beautiful mobility life
DESAY SV is committed to become an industry leader of future mobility transformation, so as to make mobility safer, more comfortable and efficient, to use technology in releasing the drivers and passengers during their mobility, to help the drivers and passengers better enjoy their beautiful lives, and to realize transition of automotives from a mobility tool to the third space.