Desay SV Automotive Demonstrates Its Latest Intelligent Cabin at CES Asia 2017

Mon. Jun. 12 2017

SHANGHAI, China, June 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Desay SV Automotive (“Desay SV” or “the Company”), the leading automotive electronics provider, has launched its first intelligent cabin concept based on driving scenarios at CES Asia 2017. The intelligent cabin was developed using the Kanzi UI toolkit and utilizes a dual 12.3-inch TFT screen as its main interface.


In addition to providing driving information and entertainment content, the cabin integrates the latest intelligent driving-assistance features such as four HD cameras and a 77G millimeter wave radar. The Company notes that its intelligent cabin is fully developed and will be put into production shortly.


“The highlight of Desay SV’s intelligent cabin combines intelligent hardware configuration with well thought out design that will meet customer demand,” says Zhen Cheng, senior product manager at Desay SV. “The human machine interface (HMI) is built upon three concepts, remodeling product design based on user experience, designing interface prototypes based on mobile phone operation that is familiar to customers, and constructing interface principle for safe driving.”


At Desay SV’s exhibition booth at CES Asia, visitors can experience the intelligent cabin’s features which include a dual 12.3-inch, fully laminated center console; a reconfigurable high-resolution dashboard; electronic rear-view mirror; and intelligent driver-assistance systems such as full automatic parking, panoramic parking, forward-collision warning, lane departure warning, and pedestrian detection. The application of these technologies demonstrates Desay SV’s ability to design a total, intelligent, network solution. Compared to half-automatic parking systems that are included in most current production vehicles, the fully automatic parking solution from Desay SV has a more precise environment perception and more intelligent algorithm. It can achieve full automatic control of gears, the steering wheel and parking with one button that guarantees easy parking.


Over the last two years, as Desay SV has rapidly developed, the Company has been involved with several win-win partnerships throughout the high-tech industry, including a strategic cooperation agreement with internet search giant Baidu to collaborate in the field of autonomous vehicle-related technologies such as high-precision maps and self-localization, vehicle environment perception, and decision making. The company has also built a dedicated computing platform for mass-produced vehicles to assist companies in bringing automatic driving to more and more customers. Desay SV adds an important element to Baidu’s intelligent vehicle ecosystem with its strengths in automotive-focused technologies and the before-assembly market.


“In the era of artificial intelligence, intelligent driving has gained unprecedented attention and presents vast opportunities,” said Gao Dapeng, CEO of Desay SV. “The integration of the automotive industry and Internet technology companies creates ever-more possibilities. Desay SV is paying attention; we are pushing toward universal access to intelligent driving via innovative technologies.”