China Auto Forum | Desay SV Contributing to China’s Development for a High-Quality Auto Industry

Wed. May. 02 2018

The China Auto Forum has become the “Davos” of China’s auto industry; the most important platform for communication and exchange in the industry and a major gathering of leading international automotive manufacturers and managers, government officials, and elites from both  Chinese and global auto world.

The 2018 China Auto Forum was held at the Beijing Convention Center from April 25-27, and was based around the theme of “New Times, New Trends, and New Strategies—Focusing on the High-Quality Development of the Auto Industry.” Desay SV Chairman Mr. Tan Choon Lim and CEO Mr. Gao Dapeng were both invited to the event.


On April 26, the Conference hosted a high-level dialogue and interactive discussion on the “Belt and Road” Initiative, and Desay SV Chairman Mr. Tan Choom Lim shared his views on his company’s internationalization strategy and on the profound experiences they had undergone in their international operations:

For Chinese brands to “go global,” they must first have a global strategy and infrastructure. By setting up local branches and hiring local experts, they can improve their overseas R&D, services, and manufacturing capabilities, and better respond to international car manufacturers’ needs for customization and individual tailoring.

Mr. Tan then explained that Desay SV had cooperated with leading international firms and scientific research institutes to ensure that their research and products met international standards in the fields of intelligent connected vehicles (ICV) and automated driving. He expressed Desay SV’s commitment to further enhancing their technologies and in becoming a tech leader based on the strength of their products and the continuous optimization of their technologies. This has allowed them to continuously export high-quality products which meet international standards and “learn from global industry players first and then to be a strong contender in global markets” while also letting Desay SV develop better in the route of international expansion with the Belt and Road Initiative.


 On April 27, Desay SV CEO Mr. Gao Dapeng gave a keynote speech to the forum on the topic of “Change the Minset for Auto Parts Suppliers: Intelligent and Connected.”

Mr. Gao shared Desay SV’s unique development history with other conference participants, from its initial process of internationalized localization to localized internationalization. He analyzed the changes that the automotive industry has undergone, with the rise of intelligent connected vehicles (ICV) and other developing changes in the market environment posing new challenges, to which components manufacturers must respond with revolutionary new ideas and concepts in order to evolve alongside the rise of ICV. He believes that companies should proactively and positively reform themselves, in terms of “knowledge structure, ways of thinking, and corporate positioning.” They should also engage in open cooperation with both upstream and downstream industries and companies and create new platforms for innovation.


As the auto industry continues to become smarter, more digitalized, more inter-connected, and more integrated into the sharing economy, Desay SV will continue to increase investment into R&D and innovation of ICVand in self-driving technologies in its quest to become an outstanding smart driving solutions provider. Desay SV will continue to increase the value and efficiency of its products, and both strengthen and deepen cooperation with auto manufacturers in China and around the world to help empower the automotive industry.