A Cyber Security Laboratory Set up Jointly by Desay SV and NTU

Fri. Jul. 05 2019

On July 2, 2019, a R&D project cooperation agreement was entered into by and between Desay SV and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (hereinafter referred to as "NTU") for joint setup of a network security laboratory devoted to research on automotive electronics cybersecurity.


Witnessed by Professor Lam Khin Yong, Vice President of NTU and TAN Choon Lim, Desay SV Automotive Chairman of the Board, a cooperation agreement was signed by Professor Thambipillai Srikanthan, Executive Director of the Network Security R&D Center in NTU (CYSREN) and Azmoon Ahmad, Vice President of Desay SV and member of Executive Management Team.


According to the agreement, Desay SV will set up a cybersecurity laboratory with NTU for deep cooperation in in-vehicle infotainment system, intelligent driving assistance system and other automotive electronics fields. They will launch a series of projects such as network communication security program, network vulnerability analysis and risk evaluation, and safety analysis of intelligent automobiles, to improve the security of auto electronic network.


The intelligent application of automobile marks the transformation of automotive products from mechanical  to electronic and connected application. For the automotive electronic system, a core component of automobile, the security of future automotive electronics network will also be of major concern in addition to continuous enhancement of active and passive security capabilities of vehicle and improvement of reliability in system function safety.



Professor Subra Suresh, President of NTU said that NTU led the world in artificial intelligence research and always focused on the cultivation and introduction of academic talents. For the global 10 best young artificial intelligence researchers chosen by IEEE intelligent system in 2018, there are three researchers from NTU. He expresses his high expectation for greater cooperation with Desay SV in the research and application of intelligent transportation system in the future.


As said by Chairman TAN Choon Lim, as a global auto electronic enterprise, Desay SV aims to be an industrial leader by providing customers with cybersecurity solutions and other value-added services based on technological innovation and breakthrough. He believes that the cyber security laboratory will create powerful partnership, develop network connected security solution and generate relevant standards and solutions that can be implemented, to emerge from the field of electronic network security of automobile.