New Upgrade of Strategic Cooperation between Desay SV and FAW

Sat. Jul. 13 2019

The signing ceremony of "FAW's supplier & strategic partner" was held in FAW's headquarters in Changchun on July 13, 2019. Participants included Xu Liuping, Chairman of BOD and Secretary of FAW Group CPC, Xi Guohua, Member of BOD, President, and Deputy Secretary of FAW Group, Qiu Xiandong, Member of FAW Group CPC, Standing Committee and Vice President, Liu Xin, Deputy Secretary of Changchun Municipal Party and Major of Changchun, Wang Haiying, Deputy Major of Changchun, TAN Choon Lim, Desay SV Automotive Chairman of the Board, Gao Dapeng, Desay SV Automotive CEO, and representative of strategic partner. Zhang Pijie, GM Assistant and Procurement Section Leader of FAW Group, and Gao Dapeng,  signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.


Signing Ceremony Site of Strategic Cooperation between FAW and Desay SV

According to the agreement, Desay SV Automotive will focus on two major business areas - intelligent driving and intelligent driving cabin, to provide innovative, intelligent and competitive products and services, to continuously supply global top resources to Hongqi Brand, to effectively implement the strategy of Hongqi Brand via product support, and to empower FAW and Hongqi Brand in producing more competitive products.


Since 1989, Desay SV Automotive has been providing FAW's many hot vehicle models with both products and solutions in terms of in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), A/C control assembly, driving information display system, ADAS, and IoV. Both parties have been keeping close cooperation and achieved high degree of recognition and trustworthiness.


In the subsequent high-end forum on parts and components, Mr. Tan Choon Lim, delivered a speech about "The Prospect of Integrating Smart Cabin and Autonomous Driving?" He also expressed Desay SV Automotive's strategic layout and future expectations in the context of "Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric (CASE)". He said that Desay SV Automotive realized the fact of "excellent brand bringing about strong automotive industry" and implemented this concept by continuously strengthening and deepening its advantages. As a leading enterprise in the automotive electronics industry in China, Desay SV Automotive possesses over 30-year accumulation in terms of development & design, quality management, and intelligent manufacturing. It can quickly meet the higher and higher and diversified demands of both market and customers. At the dawn of a new reform in the automotive industry, it makes a rapid response and develops a product strategy featuring intelligence and IoV. It devotes itself to establish the core capability of intelligent driving cabin, intelligent driving and IoV.


In the future, Desay SV Automotive will, together with FAW, make breakthroughs in terms of intelligent mobility and automatic drive on the basis of its excellent market insight and prospective product strength, to achieve win-win cooperation.