Desay SV Automotive returns home triumphant, bagging honors with the “China Quality Award”!

Thu. Aug. 29 2019

August 28th 2019 – At the 40th Anniversary Conference on the Promotion of Total Quality Management and the commemoration on the founding of the China Association for Quality (CAQ), held at the International Conference Center in Beijing, Desay SV Automotive was awarded the prestigious China Quality Award together with 16 other esteemed new enterprises, becoming the first enterprise to win this honor in China's automotive electronics industry. Mr. Tan Choon Lim, Chairman of Desay SV Automotive, received the award on behalf of the organization.

Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the founding of CAQ, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council sent a congratulatory letter to the General Assembly to congratulate the anniversary since its founding. Present at the event were Mr. Gu Xiulian (Vice Chairman of the 10th National People's Congress Standing Committee), Mr. Jia Fuxing (President of the CAQ), Mr. Zhao Aiming (Vice Chairman of SASAC of the State Council) and Mr. Chen Bangzhu (Honorary President of CAQ). International guests from international quality organizations including Ms. An Kint (Vice President of European Quality Organization), Mr. Fang Peng (Director of Asian Network for Quality), Ms. Elizabeth Kein (President of International Quality Research Institute) and Mr. Udo Hansen (President of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität, DGQ), also attended the conference and delivered speeches.

The conference summarized the development of CAQ in the past 40 years. Since its establishment in 1979, CAQ has implemented a series of strategic developments initiatives in building towards a ‘Quality First’ nation. It spearheaded the drive towards the National Quality System through series of projects.  It also actively promoted the development of the Total Quality Management System in China and contributed significantly to a healthy and sustainable development of the economy and society. This led to improved quality and efficiency of Chinese enterprises and played an important role in the promotion of the national economic framework.

Mr. Chen Bangzhu (Honorary President of CAQ) and Mr. Zhang Tao (Director of Party Construction Bureau of SASAC of the State Council) presented the award to Mr. Tan Choon Lim (Chairman of Desay SV Automotive), receiving on behalf of his organization.

The National Quality Award is China's highest honor in quality management and holds the same stature as the Deming Prize of Japan, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) of the United States and the EFQM Excellence Award of Europe.

The theme of the 18th China Quality Award is to promote the concept of "Total Quality Management for High Quality Development” which encompass the experiences of total quality management, exchange of quality theories, methods and best practices, and explores ways of quality management in China. The award was presented to 17 organizations including Desay SV Automotive, for adopting the concept of "High Standards of Precision and Benchmarking", after a stringent assessment process meeting the criteria in the areas of quality management, data evaluation, on-site evaluation and a final review by the evaluation committee.


At the International Excellence Performance Forum held by the General Assembly, Mr. Zhang Yiliang (General Manager, Quality Management of Desay SV Automotive), delivered a speech as an appointed representative.

Since the introduction of Excellence Performance Model, Desay SV Automotive has significantly improved its operational efficiency, particularly in its quality of process, resource and strategic management. This resulted in a positive recognition by its customers for being able to offer competitive technologies, products and services.

The Excellence Performance Model is the gold standard in an organizational performance management metric. Desay SV Automotive introduced a comprehensive performance management system through clearly-defined key objectives and self-evaluation process. This constitutes seven aspects, namely leadership, strategy, customer & market, resource, process management, measurement analysis & improvement and results. The adoption of the Excellence Performance Model promotes its staffs to explore ideas on problem-solving through logical methods.  This is congruent to its pursuit of continuous improvement and the successful experience led to an increase in knowledge. This is key to a sustainable long term development of Desay SV Automotive. 

"Being accorded as a recipient to the China Quality Award is a clear recognition given on our past efforts in our journey in the pursuit of excellence. This will definitely further motivate us to do even more in the future", said Mr. Tan Choon Lim. Desay SV Automotive will continue to strive towards excellence through the Excellence Performance Model. This will serve as a platform to promote the long-term and steady development of the company. Desay SV Automotive will continue to further improve itself, with the aim to surpass the benchmark of foreign industries. It is in its long term objective to lead the automotive electronics industry and gradually realizing its vision to become the preferred partner for the automotive electronics industry, globally.