Looking into the Future: Beyond Mobility

Fri. Nov. 12 2021

After more than 3 decades, Desay SV Automotive has officially rebranded to Desay SV, with a new company logo which symbolises advancing with the times in the automotive industry

Rebrand exercise reinforces their commitment to continuously pursue innovative solutions towards a safer, more comfortable, and efficient mobility for their consumers.


8 November 2021, – On its 35th Anniversary, Desay SV updates its brand logo expounding on the company’s perspective and direction for the future. This change signifies Desay SV breaking through the boundaries of the automotive electronics industry, better undertaking and bringing out the core value of their new brand proposition: Beyond Mobility.

Desay SV anchors on its principles of leading the future with innovative technologies, excellent quality smart products and promoting the high-quality development of China's automotive electronics industry. It continues to implement the “local-to-global” strategy. With their main headquarters based in Huizhou, their focus on innovation and technology has expanded their Research and Development branches to Nanjing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Singapore, Europe, Japan, and USA. 



Looking into the Future: Beyond Mobility


Mr Tan Choon Lim, Chairman of Desay SV, says: “’Beyond Mobility’ is not just a simple slogan, but also represents the ambition and tenacity of an enterprise to advance with the times. Expanding boundaries and leading innovative solutions are the source of the driving force for Desay SV’s sustainable development. We dare to be the pioneer of the world, insisting that open cooperation, co-building and co-creating, will altogether make future mobility safer, more comfortable and more efficient.”


The automotive industry is no longer just about manufacturing and maintaining motor vehicles. The industry has been developing including embracing digital transformation. Innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, cloud computing, and vehicle-road collaboration constantly empower this industry - widening the boundaries of this traditional industry from cars to roads and to the cloud, a new world of mobility is being constructed. Desay SV has always been and remains at the forefront of these innovations.


Last April, Desay SV launched “Smart Solution” which was the first industry-leading solution that integrated technologies in the three major areas: Intelligent Cabin, Intelligent Driving, and Connected Services. The company is constant in its pursuit of technological innovation at an unprecedented level. They have continuously increased investment in the aspects of talent acquisition & management, equipment & facilities as well as business operations for their overseas locations to strengthen their overall capabilities in serving the global customers, defining how Desay SV pushes “Beyond Mobility”.


With all these innovations, Desay SV remains committed to work towards making a more positive impact on their consumers, investors, and employees around the world.