Wed. Dec. 01 2021

18 November 2021, Singapore Desay SV has signed a strategic co-operation agreement with IBM, the world’s leading digital transformation consulting company, to consolidate consensus and provide assistance for the company’s evolution and transformation.  The cooperation marks the start of Desay SV’s “SHENG LONG Project” moving into its second phase of development. 



The agreement was signed by Yang Yong, Vice President of Desay SV and He Zhiqiang, Senior Partner of IBM, Greater China.   Also present as witnesses were Mai Junyan, General Manager of IBM Greater China Global Business Consulting Services Department, Hou Xueming, General Manager of Global Business Consulting Services Department Cognitive Process Reengineering and Services, Tan Choon Lim, Chairman of Desay SV and Gao Dapeng, President and CEO of Desay SV.


The "SHENG LONG Project" aims to comprehensively sort out the company's tactical framework and strategic path, integrate operations and management in depth, and help the company achieve planned goals. The project is named SHENG LONG, meaning ‘ascending dragon’ in Chinese and symbolizes the pioneering, indomitable, daring spirit of the organisation. It is complementary to Desay SV’s ‘Beyond Mobility’ new brand direction.


Launched in April 2021, the SHENG LONG Project was initiated by Desay SV’ s Chairman Tan Choon Lim, with President and CEO Gao Dapeng in charge.  The project team implemented IBM's strategic tool, Business Logical Model (BLM) and Component Business Model (CBM).  After half a year of strategic diagnosis and comprehensive review, Desay SV has now further strengthened its existing customer-oriented management system, and clarified implementation objectives into plans, to direct more focused, and effective key actions throughout the organization.


In addition, Desay SV’s management system will be optimized from three aspects: marketing, customer sales management, and R&D project management.


It is foreseeable that Desay SV will maintain its advantages in its vertical industry on the road of transformation, while gradually establishing a more standardized operation and management process. This will result in an enhanced operation mechanism to lead to future efficient mobility with a clearer and more determined path - to create greater value for customers.


Desay SV believes that active and daily practice of corporate social responsibility towards environmental protection driven by "Creative Leadership, Smart Action" will continue to carry forward the spirit of pioneering innovation and responsible initiatives for a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and sustainable future, “Beyond Mobility”.