Desay SV makes its debut at the Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Expo in Detroit

Fri. Sep. 30 2022

During September 27-28, Desay SV showed its in-vehicle display products at the 29th Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Expo in Detroit, and launched the world's first two-in-one 23.6-inch Mini LED curved screen at the exhibition.


Organized by the Society for Information Display (SID), the exhibition is the most influential automotive display field event in the world.




In this exhibition, Desay SV fully showcased different sizes of in-vehicle display technologies and products such as curved screen, multi-screen, DMS-fusion screen, in-cabin entertainment system, etc., providing more cutting-edge display solutions for customers to define personalized models. Among them, the two-in-one 23.6-inch Mini LED curved screen launched by Desay SV has attracted high attention for its cutting-edge design concept and appearance. The product has 1536 backlight partitions with dynamic contrast ratio of more than 100,000:1, creating clearer displayed content and more distinctive color layers. Desay SV used in house OCA bonding capabilities along with cold form bending of the screen to a radius of R2200, which can provide a better wrap-around look, a wider viewing angle and a more immersive visual experience, giving users an extraordinary visual experience.




Mr. Edgar Yang, Executive Vice President of Desay SV and General Manager of Desay SV USA, who attended the exhibition, said, " The intelligent application of China's automobile industry has been at the leading level in the world. Desay SV's long-term experience in exploration and mass production of cutting-edge intelligent products such as in-vehicle display systems in the Chinese market are an important advantage for us to enter the international market. In recent years, Desay SV has continued to promote its local-to-global strategy and accelerated its global layout. While continuing to serve overseas customers and users in the field of smart mobility transformation, it will also become a solid partner for Chinese auto brands in the process of going overseas. ”




Desay SV is one of the first auto parts suppliers in China to establish a professional optical R&D team for in-vehicle displays. Desay SV has an advanced full lamination process for display screens, equipped with ISO6 clean workshops and fully automatic OCR/OCA lamination lines.  It can realize full lamination production of 7~35 inch single, double and triple screens. Last year, the shipment of in-vehicle displays from Desay SV reached 3.63 million sets, ranking fourth in the global automotive market share.


In addition to further deepening the technical capabilities of in-vehicle display and enriching the full-size and multi-curvature product forms, Desay SV's in-vehicle display system continues to explore the integration of application functions to provide the direction of technological breakthroughs and applications for a more immersive viewing experience, and combine Desay SV's smart travel solutions of smart cabin, smart driving and smart service to create a safer, more comfortable and efficient mobility.