Desay SV and Qualcomm Launch the Intelligent Cabin Domain Controller Platform G9SH

Sat. Oct. 21 2023

On October 20, Desay SV and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. announced the official release of Desay SV Intelligent Cabin Domain Controller Platform G9SH, which is a high-performance cabin platform jointly developed by the two companies. Due to the upgrading of the automotive industry and higher users' needs, G9SH is based on 4th Generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms (Snapdragon 8255), which was developed to tackle the latest challenges in the industry and cater to evolving user needs. As an intelligent cabin solution with high computing power, iterability, and a wide-ranging ecosystem, it aims to create an immersive and personalized mobile entertainment space for users while providing OEMs with a cost-effective and high-performance intelligent cabin solution.




In the era of software-defined vehicles, the Desay SV G9SH meets the needs of cabin development for different models. It is equipped with high-performance and low-power computing, multi-sensor integrated applications, multi-network connectivity, and other advantages of strong scalability, which support OEMs to create complex and safe cabin functions, and can be iterated according to the users' preferences.


The pre-built CPU computing power of G9SH can meet the processing of different functions and applications of the vehicle, as well as OTA upgrade; the advanced NPU further enriches the vehicle's AI intelligent functions; the excellent GPU arithmetic can support graphics, image rendering processing and the smooth operation of car games.


In addition to meeting high computing power hardware requirements, the G9SH in-depth development of chips and algorithms, integrated with Desay SV self-developed intelligent software algorithms such as parking, projection and external power amplifier. Its powerful AI computing capability integrates the cabin's human-machine interaction perception, which can achieve richer functions inside and outside the car. At the application level, based on user needs, the G9SH not only supports mobile working, immersive in-vehicle gaming and some Intelligent driving functions, but also supports brand new functions such as outdoor audio-visual entertainment and out-of-cabin intelligent interconnection, which meets the needs of users in different scenarios of entertainment, business, life, and emotional interaction.




Xu Jian, Senior Vice President of Desay SV, says: "The rapid iteration of intelligent cabin is a vital driver in accelerating the automotive intelligence process. Desay SV is committed to maintaining efficient collaboration with Qualcomm to continuously explore new scenario-based experience of intelligent cabin in the context of AI and IoT, and help automobile manufacturers swiftly deploy new intelligent cabin products."




Xian Lei, Vice President of Qualcomm, says: "Desay SV and Qualcomm maintain a long-standing and close partnership in the field of intelligent cabin. Building upon a solid foundation of collaboration, we will continuously create benchmark products in intelligent cabin solutions. With a secure and stable supply chain system, we aim to provide automobile manufacturers and consumers with new and unique travel experience."




At present, the 3rd generation intelligent cabin domain controller platform created by Desay SV and Qualcomm has achieved large-scale mass production, and the 4th generation intelligent cabin created by the two parties has received orders and is about to be mass-produced. As an extended version of Desay SV 4th generation intelligent cabin series, G9SH, compared with the Flagship Intelligent Cabin Domain Controller Platform G9PH, takes into account both performance and cost advantages of the domain controller platform through its compact design, simplified wiring harnesses, and high degree of integration. Thus, G9SH accelerates the penetration of cabin domain controller into all tiers of vehicles, providing global customers with safer, more comfortable and efficient mobility solutions and services.