Desay SV Wins “China Automotive Industry ESG Pioneer Enterprise” Award

Fri. Nov. 03 2023

Suzhou, China, October 31, 2023. The list of 2023 China Automotive Industry ESG Pioneer Index top20 enterprises was announced at the 2023 China Automotive Sustainability Conference. Desay SV ranked ninth in the list and was honored as China Automotive Industry ESG Pioneer Enterprise. This award recognizes Desay SV historical exploration and practice in environmental, social and corporate governance aspects. As one of the global leading mobility technology companies, Desay SV has set the 1.5°C-aligned reduction target of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) as a goal, actively explore as well as fulfil energy-saving and emission-reduction strategies in daily operation and production.


Building A Green Demonstration Factory


Under the energy management policy of safety, green, efficiency and intelligence, Desay SV builds a green automotive industrial manufacturing system through the application of energy-saving equipment and new technologies to create a green manufacturing demonstration factory for the automobile electronics industry.




In recent years, the company has adopted green energy sources such as solar photovoltaic lighting and distributed photovoltaic power generation. Meanwhile, it actively promotes low-carbon manufacturing, and enhances the efficiency of energy use and reduces carbon emissions through energy-saving technological improvements of air-conditioning systems, cooling tower systems, air compressor systems, and so on. All of Desay SV production and operation plants have been certified with IS050001 Energy Management System. In 2023, energy intensity has been decreased by 20 % year-on-year and achieved carbon emission reductions of about 10,000+ tCO2e.


Innovating Green Technology


On the basis of meeting customer demands, Desay SV has achieved a reduction in carbon emissions by carrying out comprehensive design in five dimensions: low-carbon functional design of products, development and application of low-carbon materials, lightweight design of products, low-energy and high-efficiency product manufacturing, and recycling of packaging auxiliary materials.




Desay SV is committed to promoting the innovative application of green and low-carbon technologies and actively implementing them into product R&D. For example, ICPAurora, the global first-generation mass-produced intelligent central computing platform of Desay SV, realizes the leapfrog technology from domain control to central computing. Also, the lightweight design effectively reduces the carbon emissions to product quality ratio of the whole vehicle raw materials and improves the energy to efficiency ratio of the electronic components, which significantly reduces energy consumption compared with the sub-domain control.


Providing High Quality Products And Services


In terms of high-quality products and technical services, Desay SV persists in investing in systematic improvement to comprehensively enhance the stability of all kinds of products and create safe and reliable high-quality products and technologies, and has obtained the first ISO 26262 ASIL D certification for domain controller, ISO/SAE 21434 certification for automotive cybersecurity processes, and TISAX certification of the highest security level for information in the automotive industry and so on. Desay SV seeks to achieve excellence through professional total quality management and distinct quality management model built on “6 bases and 4 pillars”.




In terms of employee development, Desay SV pays great attention to the healthy life and well-being of its employees, and accelerates the cultivation of specialized technical talents and international talents. Besides, Desay SV has differentiated learning programs combining theoretical learning and practical operation to meet the diverse development needs of each employee.


In the future, Desay SV will continue to focus on the harmonious coexistence of the enterprise with the society and the environment as well as accelerate the green and low-carbon development of the automotive industry chain.