Desay SV Wins Gold Award at the 48th International Convention on Quality Control Circles 2023

Fri. Nov. 03 2023

Beijing, China, October 31, 2023. The 48th International Convention on Quality Control Circles 2023 (ICQCC) was held in Beijing. The convention displayed 856 best quality innovation and improvement projects from different countries and regions. The project of Reducing the Incomplete Solder Rate of BTB Connector from Supplier A won the Gold Award. It is an endorsement of Desay SV strength in the field of quality management.


ICQCC was renowned as the "Quality Olympics" as it covers a huge number of participants in diversified industries. As a cohesive event, it included 14 organizations around the world. With the theme of "Innovation, Vitality and Lighting up the Beauty of Quality", about 900 QC teams from 15 countries and regions, including China, India, Korea and Singapore, participated in the convention.




The project of Reducing the Incomplete Solder Rate of BTB Connector from Supplier A has effectively improved the product quality by building a QC team with the supplier and improving it with professional quality tools. As a team striving for excellence, the QC team also researched and summarized the findings from the QCC in order to develop the General Quality and Accreditation Standards, which has been promoted and applied to all suppliers. A judge commented, "the highlight of this project is that the QC team members come from different companies and different departments. It is very informative that the project not only helps suppliers to reduce costs and improve efficiency, but also enables the enterprise to make progress with suppliers."




Desay SV has been implementing QC team activities since 1992 and has over 20 years of experience. The excellent quality management concepts and methods has been continuously promoting to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Desay SV insists on the management principles of Zero tolerance to defects, Customer Satisfaction, Continuous Improvement and entrepreneurial spirit, empowerment & involvement. Also, Desay SV continuously inspires quality innovations, and promoting quality research and development. For supplier management, Desay SV provides training, on-site guidance and other methods to help suppliers improve their quality management system. For internal, Desay SV builds a multilevel quality management communication and practice system within the enterprise and advocates all staff to participate in improving quality and efficiency. For customer service, Desay SV focuses on product quality and provides safe and reliable products and solutions for global customers.


As one of the leading mobility technology companies, Desay SV will continue to pursue excellence and build a comprehensive international quality management system in order to assist the intelligent development of global automobile manufacturers.