Desay SV 77GHz Radar Sensor Acquires ISO 26262 ASIL B Certification

Tue. Jan. 02 2024

Huizhou, China, December 26, 2023. Desay SV 77GHz Radar Sensor CRD03 has passed the assessment for ISO 26262 ASIL (Automotive Safety Integrity Level) B and has been awarded the Functional Safety Product Certification issued by DEKRA. Vice President of Desay SV, Li Huang, Business Unit Intelligent Driving Sensor General Manager of Desay SV, Huohong Jiang, Functional Safety General Manager of DEKRA China, Edward Li, and representatives from the two teams witnessed this awarding ceremony together.




Desay SV 77GHz Radar Sensor CRD03 enables the driving system to realize advanced assisted driving functions to improve safety. It measures the distance, velocity, angle and other information of targets in a specific range by transmitting and receiving millimeter waves in the 76-79GHz frequency band. The accumulated shipments of Desay SV millimeter wave radar exceeded 2 million in 2023.


ISO 26262 is one of the most important functional safety standards in the automotive industry. It aims to reduce the risks (mainly referring to physical damage or destruction of human health) caused by hazards arising from malfunctioning behavior of E/E safety-related systems. Radar Sensor is a basic and essential component for vehicles to sense the external environment. Desay SV 77GHz Radar Sensor CRD03 with the ISO 26262 ASIL B certification proves its capability in functional safety.


Li Huang, Vice President of Desay SV, said, " With the brand proposition of Beyond Mobility, Desay continues to provide our customers with safe and reliable vehicle-to-road collaboration, sensing, decision-making, control systems as well as intelligent driving products and services. 77GHz Radar Sensor CRD03 has been awarded the ASIL B product certification by DEKRA, which demonstrates Desay SV’s sustainable investment and innovation in intelligent driving product safety, subsequent to receiving ASIL D for Intelligent Driving Domain Controller IPU02 in 2022. Product safety is a very complex issue that requires joint efforts from different parties."


Edward Li, Functional Safety General Manager of DEKRA China, said: "Congratulations to Desay 77GHz Radar Sensor CRD03 for successfully obtaining ISO 26262 ASIL B Product Assessment and Certification. During the vetting process, DEKRA is impressed by Desay SV team’s efficiency and the great attention paid to the safety of intelligent driving products. We look forward to further cooperation between the two companies in the future to create more reliable and safer products for the automotive industry."




Desay SV has always regarded safety as the core value of our products and accumulated R&D experience as well as technical capability to continuously upgrade and iterate the subsequent products.