Desay SV Crowned 2023 Responsible Brand Award

Sun. Feb. 04 2024

Huizhou, China, January 23, 2024. The 13th Philanthropy Festival and 2023 ESG Influence Conference were held in Beijing. Desay SV won the 2023 Responsible Brand Award for its public welfare concept of "Teach a Man to Fish" and diverse charitable projects. The Philanthropy Festival, organized by public media, was established in 2011 and now has become the most influential annual event in the field of public welfare in China. Winning the Responsible Brand Award is a major accomplishment for Desay SV public welfare brand-building efforts.




Various Charitable Activities for Education Launched


At Huizhou Experimental Middle School Affiliated School, children can access a vast collection of e-books through smart reading devices in the Desay SV Reading Corner; At Huizhou City Tonghu Town Xinguang Primary School and Huizhou City Zhixing School, Desay SV’s engaging environmental science courses help children understand the importance of coexisting with nature; At Huizhou Science and Technology Museum and Huizhou Museum, children from Tonghu Town have a wonderful journey of science popularization; In Moyuan Village, Hengli Town, Huizhou City, a large-scale charity walk was organized to raise funds to construct a child-friendly reading space.



The Donation Ceremony of Child-friendly Reading Space


Desay SV has launched a series of innovative public welfare activities aimed at promoting education, and sustainability. These activities allow children to read anytime and anywhere with technological devices, take an alternative approach to rural revitalization, plant the seeds of environmental protection in the children’s hearts, allow more people to enjoy public welfare, and deliver the temperature of Desay SV through every public welfare activity ......



The Desay SV Reading Corner


Desay SV has undertaken several initiatives this year to fulfill corporate social responsibility goals. The company has launched a series of educational programs such as the Growing Sunflower Program, which educates students about environmental protection; the Light Up Micro Wish Project, which provides children with a scientific journey to help them fulfill wishes and the Library Project 2.0, which has been upgraded intelligently. The Charity Walk and other projects have also been launched. In addition to education, Desay SV has played an active role in transforming rural areas by upgrading public facilities and improving living conditions for rural residents. Furthermore, in times of natural disasters, Desay SV has responded quickly by providing donations such as during the flooding in Zhuozhou, Hebei province. Desay SV has committed to the practice of corporate social responsibility in a diversified way this year. The company has transformed into a comprehensive public welfare brand integrating public welfare assistance to education and rural revitalization.


Being a Warm Brand, Making Public Welfare Sustainable


Since 2014, Desay SV has initiated public welfare activities such as Care for Yellow Roses Project, Science and Technology Lectures, Library Project, and the Charity Walk. These activities have had a positive impact on the lives of many people. For example, more than 4,000 sanitation workers have benefited from the Care for Yellow Roses Project. Additionally, 68 colleges and universities have participated in the Science and Technology Lectures, which has reached over 8,200 teachers and students. Desay SV has also donated 22 libraries and multimedia classrooms and provided free online environmental protection courses to over 1,000 schools.



The Growing Sunflower Program


In 2021, Desay established the Desay Public Welfare Fund focusing on green environmental protection, education, and rural revitalization. The fund operates on principles of openness, fairness, and transparency, and aims to create a positive impact. The public welfare mode is now upgrading from the "Give a Man a Fish" public welfare 1.0 to the "Teach a Man to Fish" public welfare 2.0. and aims to create a more sustainable impact.


In recent years, Desay SV has continued to explore diversified public welfare modes, integrating the concept of social responsibility and public welfare development into brand building and driving more professional organizations and caring people to join in through interesting, valuable, and sustainable public welfare projects. Whether on the road Beyond Mobility or in the process of exploring diversified public welfare modes, Desay SV will insist on displaying its brand characteristics with responsibility and commitment and actively contributing to society with its actions and achievements.