Deasy SV Climbs the Ranks in Global Auto Parts Industry

Tue. Jun. 25 2024

Huizhou, China, June 23, 2024. Automotive News released the 2024 Global Auto Parts Suppliers Rankings. Deasy SV has been on the list for the fourth consecutive year and is currently ranked 74th. This represents a significant leap of 15 spots from its position last year, making Deasy SV the enterprise with the most notable improvement in ranking this year.


Strengthening Through Innovation and R&D

Since Deasy SV's recognition as one of the top 100 global auto parts suppliers in 2021, it has shown remarkable upward momentum in the rankings of Automotive News amidst a challenging global economic environment and heightened competition within the industry. Deasy SV continues to exemplify high-quality development, a testament to its unwavering commitment to technological innovation. In 2023, the enterprise has significantly invested in research and development, allocating RMB2.03 billion, which represents 9.26% of its sales revenue. This investment underscores its dedication to innovation, with R&D personnel composing 45.26% of the enterprise’s workforce.


Efficient Delivery

In the rapidly evolving automotive industry, the enterprises that can thrive are those with clear strategic goals, the ability to foresee industry trends, and a commitment to self-driven innovation. Amidst the industry's continuous evolution, Deasy SV has captured the market by showcasing its adaptive and efficient delivery capability, increasing investment in innovation and R&D, ...and establishing teams that focus on customer-oriented R&D. While it may take 2-4 years for an international OEM to launch a new model, the fastest time for a Chinese OEM is 1-2 years, and Deasy SV can provide technical support for the project within 6 months.


A Future-oriented Organization

Deasy SV has sculpted a lean, efficient, and synergistic organizational structure that is keenly focused on customer and market needs. This structure has allowed us to respond promptly and efficiently to customer demands, continuously enhancing our service. As a result, we have successfully increased the penetration rate of our three business lines: Smart Cabin, Smart Drive, and Smart Service. In 2023, the operating revenue of Deasy SV reached RMB21.91 billion, a year-on-year increase of 46.71%, and a compound growth rate of 47.70% from 2020 to 2023.