Deasy SV, Hyper and NVIDIA Jointly Develop Cabin-Driving Fusion Level 4 Intelligent Driving Technology

Wed. May. 08 2024

Beijing, China, April 26, 2024. During the Beijing Auto Show, Deasy SV signs a tripartite cooperation agreement with Hyper and NVIDIA. The collaboration's objective is to advance the development of the cabin-driving fusion platform and the centralized computing platform. This initiative will utilize NVIDIA's latest chip, DRIVE Thor, and is targeted at fulfilling the demands of level 4 (L4) intelligent driving systems, encompassing both software and hardware requirements.




At the signing ceremony, representatives from three parties were in attendance to jointly announce their collaboration in developing L4 autonomous vehicles. This project will rely on the deep synergistic cooperation between software and hardware, aimed at providing robust support for advanced autonomous driving, digital cluster, and in-cabin AI. Hyper is set to begin mass production of L4 autonomous vehicles in 2025, featuring an unparalleled arithmetic power of 2000 TOPS.


NVIDIA DRIVE Thor SoC (System-on-Chip) integrates NVIDIA's latest CPU and GPU innovations, including NVIDIA Blackwell for Transformer models and generative AI applications. With 8-bit floating point (FP8) precision and 1000 TOPS on a single chip, DRIVE Thor allows the development of a cabin-driving fusion solution for L4+ automated driving based on it. It can also realize the complete connection of hardware and software through systematic integration to shorten the development cycle, significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency.


Desay SV IPU04, based on NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, pioneered high-computing power domain controllers and its innovative contributions have empowered numerous emerging automotive manufacturers to surpass previous thresholds of production and sales achievements. At the signing ceremony, Dapeng Gao remarked, "The fusion of cabin and driving technologies represents a trend in technological revolution and a significant challenge that the industry must confront. We are confident in our ability to efficiently develop and implement the next generation of in-vehicle computing platforms. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with NVIDIA and Hyper to create a benchmark product in the field of in-vehicle computing platforms."


Hyper is pleased to express its enthusiasm about the cabin-driving fusion support through DRIVE Thor, which is in alignment with our design ideas. The high computing power, security, and open ecosystem of DRIVE Thor are all elements that we highly value at Hyper. We look forward to collaborating closely with NVIDIA and Desay SV, to incubate new outcomes with significant impact on the industry.


NVIDIA has highlighted the critical role of Hyper in advancing intelligent driving technology. They noted that this chip would deliver exceptional performance and expansive capabilities. With Desay SV contributing top-tier hardware development expertise, NVIDIA is optimistic that its collaboration with Hyper and Desay SV will significantly speed up the research, development, and implement of cutting-edge autonomous driving technologies.


Desay SV, Hyper, and NVIDIA are set to leverage their strengths in technology, adaptive, efficiency, safety and reliability. Through collaboration with industrial partners, they aim to achieve mutual benefits and spearhead the innovation and revolution in the field of intelligent driving technology.

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