Desay SV’s Carbon Neutrality Commitment
Desay SV has recently made a pledge to achieve carbon neutrality for its plants and facilities. 
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Fifth Desay SV Public Welfare Trip
On November 29, the Fifth Desay SV School Aid Public Welfare Trip was held at Honghua Lake, Huizhou. Many enthusiasts and outdoor activity lovers from all walks of life took part in the public welfare activity by running or walking 18 kilometers, providing aid for students.
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Desay SV’s Caring Program for the Street Cleaners Held in Chengdu
On the morning of December 22, Desay SV’s “Caring for Street Cleaners” charity program arrived at a new destination — Chengdu. On a bitterly cold Winter Solstice day, city cleaners braving the weather to fulfill their duties expressed their warm wishes for their families. On this day, Desay SV charity workers and volunteers worked hand in hand with these “Yellow Roses” to clean city streets, parks and other public spaces.
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