Desay SV and Jilin University Jointly Develop ADAS Hardware Testing Platform

Wed. Jul. 25 2018

On July 25, 2018, Desay SV and Jilin University officially signed a joint cooperation agreement to develop a testing platform project for ADAS vehicle-hardware-in-the-loop systems in Changchun. Mr. Duan Yongzheng, Deputy General Manager of Desay SV, and Professor Gao Zhenhai, Dean of the School of Automotive Engineering at Jilin University, served as joint signatories and witnesses to this agreement.


Among the various technologies and products which the self-driving vehicle industry relies on for its operation and development, ADAS products are among the most important, and the simulation and testing of ADAS products to ensure that they serve as effective safeguards is the most difficult part of developing intelligent driving products.

This joint ADAS project will be able to provide in-the-loop testing systems for lane departure warning and lane keeping systems (LDW+LKA), forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking systems (FCW+AEB), automatic parking systems (APA), adaptive cruise systems (ACC), and other intelligent driving function modules, greatly optimizing the existing development process, improving the efficiency and iteration speed of algorithm development, reducing errors, and improving the comprehensive development capacity of intelligent driving products.


Automotive electronics software development increasingly relies on "model-based design", and this is especially true for the development of control module software, from defining tasks, to modeling, to automatic code generation, and has already become an industry standard for this field. Duan Xiwei, Deputy General Manager of Desay SV, said that as auto-driving functions become increasingly popular features among car manufacturers, some functional ADAS scenarios involve risks to the lives, health, and property of drivers and pedestrians, and as such, end users and corporate clients attach great importance to the development and reliability of ADAS functions. Through the use of this joint ADAS project and by applying the years of professional experience that both partners possess in the simulation technology field, Desay SV can provide its customers with world-class professional technical support.


The School of Automotive Engineering at Jilin University focuses on the cultivation of talent for the Chinese automotive industry, and has established the “National Key Laboratory for Automotive Simulation and Control”, which has been named a “cradle of talent cultivation and training for China's automobile industry”. Professor Wu Jian of Jilin University said that this joint ADAS project will provide a more effective and comprehensive environment for hardware-in-the-loop development and testing for Desay SV’s ADAS technologies and functions, accelerating the development of ADAS-related systems and improving testing efficiency.