The Second Factory of DSV EU is Officially Put into Operation

Fri. Mar. 04 2022

On Feb. 28, the second factory and logistics center of Desay SV Automotive Europe (hereinafter referred to as the second factory) officially opened, which means that Desay SV's share of the overseas market has taken another big step forward.




The second factory, covering an area of 2,700 square meters, is located at the Schwanseestraße in Weimar, adjacent to the prototype vehicle development center in Legefeld,where used to be the factory location of Coca-Cola.

After the preparatory work was completed in early January this year, the first batch of six production lines in the second factory has been put into production. With the gradual improvement of the new factory, more human resources will be invested in the follow-up. According to the plan, an advanced 3D antenna measurement room will be created locally in the near future.


From the establishment of the prototype vehicle R&D center last year to the production of the second factory this year, Desay SV Automotive Europe now integrates R&D, Administration, Sales, and Production to provide international customers with products and services of smart antennas, infotainment systems and so on.



 “We are proud to add new product lines to our existing antenna products.” Michael Weber, the Managing Director of Desay SV Automotive Europe said. “The intelligent cabin and infotainment solutions of the Chinese parent company will also be produced here in the future for the new models of major European vehicle companies.”

Over the past 14 months, Desay SV Automotive Europe has seen a steady increase in business orders. Based on the company's strategic goals, it is expected to double its performance by 2025.

Peter Kleine, the mayor of Weimar, congratulated the second factory on its launch. He said: "Thanks to Desay SV Automotive Europe for bringing new economic growth points and more employment opportunities to the local area.”

In recent years, Desay SV Automotive Europe has driven people's confidence in the future development of Weimar with its good development trend and gradually expanding production scale.

As city economic development officer Christian Schwartze said, Desay SV Automotive Europe boosts local employment, which surpasses the period of Coca-Cola.