Desay SV Phase 1 Photovoltaic Power Generation Project Officially Powered On

Wed. May. 18 2022


On May 16, the phase 1 photovoltaic equipment of Desay SV Huinan Industrial Park (HQ of Desay SV )  was officially powered on,marking that Desay SV's carbon neutrality project has entered the implementation stage.




Tan Choon Lim, Chairman of Desay SV, said: "We have been thinking about introducing photovoltaic power generation for a long time. In recent years, as the industry becoming more mature, photovoltaic projects have been rapidly implemented in Desay SV. This is the first step of Desay SV's carbon neutrality project, and it also reflects our determination to fulfill our carbon neutrality commitment with practical measures.”


In 2021, Desay SV launched the Carbon Neutrality Project based on the target of 1.5℃ temperature increase, and Green Energy is an important part of this project. We give priority to using self-built photovoltaics, a form of converting thermal energy into electricity, which is clean, efficient, non-polluting, renewable and can effectively reduce carbon emissions.


According to calculations, the phase 1 photovoltaic project in Huinan Industrial Park can output 3 million kWh of electricity every year, which will account for 10% of the park's total electricity consumption.


In the follow-up, Desay SV will continue to fulfill our commitment to carbon neutrality, continuously increase the proportion of green energy, and promote the gradual implementation of the phase 2 & 3 of photovoltaic power generation projects. Meanwhile, we will build a zero-carbon enterprise from the aspects of green operation, green design and green supply chain to help customers and the automotive industry achieve zero-carbon transformation.