2024 Desay SV Partner Conference

Sat. Apr. 20 2024

Huizhou, China, April 19, 2024. The 2024 Desay SV Partner Conference, themed "Pioneering the Future Together," was successfully held. Desay SV Chairman Choon Lim Tan, President and CEO Dapeng Gao, and Senior Vice President and General Manager of Central Purchasing Wenquan Xiong shared their insights and opinions on the latest trends in mobility with the partners. The conference also recognized and presented awards to the partners who have made significant contributions to Desay SV.




How to pioneering the future together? Choon Lim Tan expressed his views on the topic of "From Good to Great, We Build to Last" during the partner conference. He emphasized that while Desay SV is consolidating its core business, the company is also taking bold steps to establish new businesses and promote industrial innovation. All of these efforts are made possible with the strong support and unwavering companionship of our partners. Desay SV is committed to collaborating with our partners based on the principles of openness and mutual benefit, and work together for developing long lasting business.




Dapeng Gao shared Desay SV Business Development and Outlook. In the past year, Desay SV has shown resilient growth in China's booming automotive industry, with a year-on-year increase of 47% and revenues exceeding RMB20 billion. The annualized new project orders sales of more than RMB24.5 billion and rose to the 89th position on the top 100 global automotive parts supplier list. In the future, Desay SV aims to build an international and intelligent organization with high efficiency by leveraging digital technology. In addition, Desay SV is committed to significant investment in developing a global delivery system that can cater to customers' needs and flexibly adapt to regional market demands.




The achievement of higher goals requires the cooperation of the supply chain to overcome significant challenges. In his speech titled "Summary and Plan for Supply Chain Management at Desay SV," Wenquan Xiong emphasized the challenges presented by rapidly evolving core technology, the decreasing gross profit of new projects, and intensified international competition in the industry's external environment. Desay SV will continue to enhance its internal strengths by investing in research and development to speed up the marketization of new technology and processes, proactively seeking changes and innovative methods to improve project cost control benefits, and enhancing organizational and operational capabilities to better meet the demands of international business development. Simultaneously, Desay SV is looking for genuine partners to build a strong community of friends for a new journey.