Intelligent Cabin

Intelligent Driving

Connected Services

Connected Services
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Supply platform of software based on cloud and data analysis
Telematics Service Platform
Based on the data of CRM and DMS systems, the telematics service platform not only provides users with high-quality networking services, but also provides basic and important platform services for OEMs, such as service management, service tracking and settlement management, etc.
Cyber Security
The cyber security solution ensures cloud secure access control, cloud data security, the legitimacy of each party’s identity, the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of transmitted data and confidential data and real-time security protection of terminal, and also validates the remote software upgrades.
OTA is a secured solution specially designed for the automotive industry, with advantages including a unique multi-layer security system, configurable automatic background upgrade, multiple ECU upgrades, multiple scenario-based upgrade strategies and customized Back Ground Update technology.
Big Data
By collecting vehicle and other data from various sources, Desay SV combines intelligent analytical models developed with real-time tracking of the operational status of vehicles and their parts, to continuously improve product quality and driving experience.
Shared Mobility Service
Through the sharing of mobility services, Desay SV provides efficient mobility solutions.