Desay SV is committed to play an active and role in the transformation of future mobility.
In tandem with megatrends in the automotive industry,
Desay SV will continue and further enhance its investment in the focused areas of vehicular interior cabin electrification & integration,
vehicular intelligence & security and vehicular internet & connectivity.
We offer a Smart Solution, which is a complete total system solution encompassing the 3 areas of focus through Smart Cabin,
Smart Drive & Smart Service, led by our 3-divisional organization.

Smart Cabin

Smart Drive

Smart Service

Pleasant ride with smart future mobility

User Interaction
Human-machine interaction methods based on user-centered design concept, and the deep analysis of applied scenarios are deployed in identifying difficulties users face. Through the establishment of such user models and multimodal HMI design approaches, we provide users a pleasant and safe driving experience.
Connectivity Technologies
Supporting popular mobile phone link functions such as Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto, Baidu CarLife and wireless CarPlay. Further third-party APPs supported through T-box integration and cloud connection.
In-Vehicle Infotainment
With professional road testing tools, rigorous global testing using AR navigation, we are committed to taking our audio and navigation performance to its peak and bringing out the greatest potential of the vehicle’s original speakers to create interior music hall effects for the driver. A scientifically and futuristic looking display system with an aesthetic design coupled with a joyful interaction experience and a high-definition, exquisite display encompassing wide angle viewing, it provides the driver a highly intelligent, integrated and crystal clear personalized information display and entertainment.
Comfortable and Eco-friendly Driving Experience
Over 60GB of global testing data has verified the automatic climate control, ensuring the most stable and comfortable interior temperature for passengers. NICT control algorithm reduces costs from internal temperature sensors, while satisfying the requirements of driver’s comfort. A newly developed new energy vehicle thermal management system will guarantee the safety of vehicle batteries and a comfortable cabin conditions for the driver.