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Intelligent Driving
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Enhance vehicle intelligence through sensor information combined with AI
Sensors and Perception
360° perception of pedestrians and all obstacles surrounding the vehicle by means of a variety of sensors including vision, millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic sensors, LIDAR, smart antennas and their deep fusion algorithm, as well as dynamic detection of drivable area along the vehicle moving direction. V2X, including V2I, V2P, V2V and V2N, provides beyond visual range perception, such as real-time traffic information, road information and pedestrian information which are used for decision-making, vehicle control and telematics services.
Using a variety of comprehensive positioning technologies including GNSS, RTK, vision and dead reckoning to meet the requirements of localization in various complex environments, while deriving accurate positioning information in real-time by matching high-resolution maps to realize lane-level positioning.
Path Planning and Decision-making
Intelligent planning of routes based on environmental perception and accurate positioning, while automatic decision-making about obstacles, lane changes, following, overtaking and etc., based on real-time traffic information.
Comfortable and friendly lateral and longitudinal control considering vehicle kinematics and environmental information, preconditioned upon safety.